26 August 2006

poetic reflections on a dying civilization

In the last few days, I've felt like I've been going crazy. Sometimes I feel utterly overwhelmed not only by the scale of the global crises now unfolding as I write, but by the personal struggles of just being alive, in this system, with a family to care for.

Perhaps to some extent for my own sanity, I've just created a new blog where I can post my poetry.


  1. Nafeez, if it makes you feel better putting the poetry out there (and indeed writing it) then it serves a good purpose. A little depressing (the black background to the poetry blog is telling), but why not?

  2. salaam

    nafeez remember imam mahdi :)

    your profile has a link ot your other website. but there shoudl eb no space between independent and inquiry

  3. How I empathize with you for your sense of "going crazy", Nafeez!

    I've been wondering how we might put our perception of the present, utterly barbaric world into perspective, in hopes of describing a context that might ease the pressure on our psyches. -- I'd like to give it a go, if I may ...

    Humanity has never been fundamentally different from the violent display we're witnessing today. What is new is the sophistication and speed of delivery of tools for killing and intimidation, as wielded by the powers that reign. It's power on crack cocain [figuratively speaking but perhaps literally, too].

    At the same time, another, parallel technological development, in the form of the internet, has provided us "commoners" with an unprecedented access to information and to the means to exchange ideas and opinions between us, engaging one another across all cultural and national barriers. This is a radical departure from previous eras. We've been given the means to understand the nature of power and how it has been used historically, to this day.

    We are in a unique position to shape our own opinions, whereas previous generations have been prey to the basest of media control and disinformation. I think particularly of pre-WWII Germany and, more recently, the violence inflicted on the Balkans. There is a good chance that in both cases the damage would have been limited had there been the means of communication and awareness we posses today.

    The disinformation machine is losing ground.

    I found this article particularly heartening. The 'new world order' is backfiring. The artificial polarisation of populations is not working! It's time to recognize that the ideologues who spawned such notions are in the process of digging their own graves. The work that's cut out for us, now, is to put a stop to the final push towards towards total chaos, as there will be if there is an attack on Iran.

    The wind is blowing in the favor of peace-loving souls, now. We've got to capitalize on the opportunity this present crisis presents to put an end to the war-mongering.

    We can do it.


  4. Extremely self-indulgent, but this is to be expected. However, I didn't find a list of Google results in the bibliography to your poetry, so that's a change.

  5. Hey conspiracy boy, u gonna approve my comment??? plz, plz ... if you don't you may go to hellfire! ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  6. Dear Nafeez

    You know who I am... a person of few words only lol

    just wanted to say that I think you do an excellent job in all areas of your life

    sometimes the way we percieve things is not reality especially when we are in our little bubble of existence and things can seem more of a srtuggle than they really are - you know what i mean!!

    be patient and keep your head down lol

    and keep on striving to be the person you want to be...

    normally i find your poetry depressing but funny reading it - i had a sneaking suspicion that the young man who wrote those poems has evolved since unleashing them to the public - and is probably not the same man - thus i didnt find it depressing...

    thats the thing about perceptions and emotions they are time dependent - thank goodness for that, my freudian lecture is now over

  7. yes i do know who you are, and i'm very grateful that i do. you're a beautiful person. thanks for coming by and commenting...


  8. I like to think crazy in a world gone crazy must be some sort of sane.

  9. Hi Nafeez

    Whenever I feel that what we are up against is so monstrous, so massive, so malevolent, I take comfort in these wise words:

    Do not say that the struggle gains nothing,
    and that the labour and the wounds are in vain,
    and that the enemy does not faint or fail,
    and that as things have been, they remain;
    for whilst the tired waves seem to be vainly breaking
    and seem no painful inch to gain;
    far back through creeks and inlets making,
    comes silent flooding in the main.


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