20 October 2006


I want to apologise for the increasingly long gaps between posting. I'm back at university now, teaching and researching, and spend most of my time commuting back and forth between Brighton and London. I'm also amassing a backlog of hugely significant activist projects, none of which I seem to have sufficient time to throw my energies into. Too much is happening at once. The global system is in overload, and crises are converging. North Korea toting its nukes; impending war with Iran; the carve-up of Iraq; the peak not only of global oil, but even global agricultural production and the imminence of energy and food shortages; contingency plans for the "internment" of Muslims and dissidents in the US and UK; the list goes on. Trying to keep up with and expose the extent of the mess we're in, as a society, as a system, is starting to take its toll on me; in particular, my wife and kids are suffering as a result. I'll be taking some time out from these projects for a while to sort my life out, get my head back into gear.

Will be back soon.


  1. Never doubt that you've already done so much for so many of us. I hope you find some energy and renewal with your family. You're a hero already man....stay healthy.

  2. Quite.

    We're very close to the edge, but in the wider world there's very little awareness of what's happening.

    Keep on doing your stuff...

    Roger Whittaker

  3. Thank you for your continous hardwork Nafeez.

    I'm sure we'll be reading your breath taking analysis very soon again and this is just a small time out on your part.

    You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Don't forget to keep up with your prayers as He provide's us with everything including our intellect. Ask and he will provide you with the time and energy you need, and resources.

    ps I'm sure your wife and kids aren't 'suffering' but are 'missing you like crazy'

  4. I second plaiche's post. You have provided great insight into Bush 'n Blairs homocide, both against his 'own' people and others.

    Don't let your family also become victims. You can still help bring these establishment criminals to trial, and it seems like you've realised a need to find the new fulcrum.

    Sincerest regards and Eid Mubarak.

    P.S. One last thing. Glad you picked up on the internment for Moslems issue, but it won't only be Moslemswho are interned. Any successful activist resisting the neocon-cum-neoimperialist fascists will face this problem. The US has already got camps just waiting to be filled, the UK is busy preping floating prisons.

    Truely, the over-weighted (statistically, literally and metaphotially speaking) western powers are nuts.

  5. The courage of your writing keeps me hopeful in this crazy, mixed up world. Even in your time of rest I hope you will find time to write briefly - even if only for later publication. Your family also deserves our support and gratitude for sharing such a wonderful intellect with the wider world. Do not disappear,though, please. We need your clarity of thought and depth of analysis even more than before. You and your family have our prayers.

  6. Keep your head high, sir. I too share the frustrations of the 'Cassandra syndrome,' and have spent similar time trying to keep cynicism from getting the best of me (Still not sure whether or not it was a success). The world seems to be going to hell in a handcart, but there's no need for our minds and bodies to go with it. Enjoy your well deserved rest, as I am sure you could use it. Thanks for the bulk of research you have already given to us--it has served to enrich my perspective.

  7. So depressing!
    The "news" hurts. Of course we know a lot of it is made up to serve the agendas of the powers that be...

  8. Well done Sir,
    I wonder if you have been invited to appear on C-SPAN. I can see you being interviewed by Brian Lamb. I have mentioned your good works numerous times and have given copies of The War on Freedom to many of the people that I suspect might read enough of it to see the clarity of thought that is expressed.

    Thank you very much

  9. look forward to your next article. take care dude, your doing the right thing

  10. Thank you for your clarity. Please tell us if we can support or help in any way in the future. clarity1all@yahoo.co.uk
    Worldpeace and familypeace. Lesley K.(U.K.)
    Does anyone have any good lawyer contacts for civil litigations/general discussions about poss. Intelligence violations in my family's life. Things are a bit scary for us . T.Y.

  11. Take it easy and chill out. We will be netting and I think so will you.
    Enjoy your family.

  12. Buck up, man! Take the "apology" down. Your good works have elevated the dialogue. Every small success is still a success. Let 'em know you'll be back with a vengeance when the time is right.

  13. The single biggest apology that you owe to us i snot for being unavailable or busy, but is due any occasional reader because of the complete and utter lack of evidence that you can point to in regard to the salient points in your diatribe's.

    You are one of the best examples of poor blogspot journalism.

    It is clear that you simply make up comments and reports about intelligence sources, in an unchallenged attempt to construct some sort of validity for your stance.

    You are forever avoiding the basic rigour of providing even the most skin-deep of attributable sources or evidence. Negating to do so, effectively discounts your position to nothing more than being a good, well-constructed author of fictional stories.

    Stop writing pop opinions based on little other than your own narrow opinions, and finally put your education to work to provide tangible research conducted within an evidential based argument.

    No wonder mainstream media continues to ignore you in your efforts to join our ranks.

    To be taken seriously by a wider audience you must first build your position by treating them with the seriousness they deserve.

    Cowboy journalism should be beneath you.

  14. references would be nice i guess. good work though

  15. Mr Ahmed - the system under which we toil is meant to get you down, so don't feel bad for being the rule rather than the exception. You have been a great servant of humanity - but don't burn out.

    Guardian reader, you are ignoring the 100s of footnotes of evidence in the authour's work. Being ignored by the mainstream media means you are doing something RIGHT! Duh!!!

    Your post looks like it came straight from the J Edgar Hoover manual, by the way.

  16. Hi Nafeez

    I hope all is well, you haven't blogged for an extraordinarily long time and your opinions and voice would be welcome during the current Crevice & 21/7 trials.

    How about a quick update to let everyone know how you are?

    Best Wishes


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