3 October 2007

Report Supported by 7/7 Victims Calls for Major Security Reforms

We are launching our major 7/7 report today at Garden Court Chambers, London, 6:30pm. See press release below for further details...

For immediate release

Report Supported by 7/7 Victims Calls for Major Security Reforms
Backs case for independent public inquiry into London bombings and govt anti-terror strategies

A new report being launched this Wednesday, 3rd Oct., argues that Britain remains open to another attack, due to a defunct and dangerous intelligence paradigm that has paralysed this country’s national security system.

The report published by the Institute for Policy Research & Development (IPRD) with the support of law firm Garden Court Chambers criticises the government’s refusal to investigate the July 7th bombings in London two years ago, noting that unresolved loopholes in the way security services operate are increasing the likelihood of such an attack in the near future. The IPRD is an independent think-tank for interdisciplinary security studies based in London.

The IPRD report is supported by a former senior police official, Detective Superintendent Des Thomas, who last month told Sean O’Neill at The Times that an inquiry into 7/7 could be conducted quickly and efficiently. In his foreword to the report, Thomas, former Deputy Head of Hampshire CID, writes that it:

“… represents a splendid and very well researched attempt to turn back the tide of incompetent repression that may lead us to wage war against our own people, a war which may cost us dearly in life, treasure and liberty.”

The report, which underwent academic peer-review, is being used by Oury Clark Solicitors in their Application on behalf of the 7/7 Inquiry Group for Judicial Review of the government’s refusal to hold an inquiry. It analyses contradictory accounts from British, French and American officials about prior intelligence on the attacks and the four bombers, particularly information relating to Operation Crevice. It states that MI5’s official explanation of events leading up to 7/7 contradicts evidence from Western security sources in the public record.

Garden Court Chambers is hosting this Wednesday’s launch event, co-sponsored by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, and the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC).

“Moral and professional standards amongst our intelligence services have declined as a direct consequence of politicization. Urgent reforms are needed, not simply in terms of resources, but in terms of policy: collaboration with Islamist extremists in the UK for domestic and international intelligence purposes has been so extensive, it has obstructed security services from shutting down terror networks in this country even now”, said the report’s author, IPRD executive director Nafeez Ahmed.

“MI5, afraid of change, does not want the public to understand this, while the government fears it might mean the end of New Labour’s domination of parliament. We can keep extending the anti-terror laws as much as we like, but this won’t make us any safer until such policy is scrutinized and reformed,” he added.

Ahmed, who also teaches international relations, politics and history at Sussex and Brunel Universities, is the author of The London Bombings: An Independent Inquiry (Duckworth, 2006). His previous work on international terrorism was used by the 9/11 Commission.

In addition to Nafeez Ahmed and Des Thomas, supporting and addressing the report’s themes at the Wednesday launch event will be Rachel North (7/7 survivor, author Out of the Tunnel); Oury Clark (solicitors representing the 7/7 Inquiry Group); Frances Webber (barrister, Garden Court Chambers); Asad Rehman (Jean Charles De Menezes Family Campaign); Les Levidow (CAMPACC) and Fahad Ansari (Islamic Human Rights Commission).

In August 2007, the report was circulated to members of several UK parliamentary committees -- including the Intelligence and Security Committee, Home Affairs Committee, Defence Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee, Joint Committee on Human Rights, and Communities & Local Government Committee -- as well as ministers and officials with responsibility for security issues.

Notes for Editors

Inside the Crevice: Islamist terror networks and the 7/7 intelligence failure (London: Institute for Policy Research & Development, 2007) by Nafeez Ahmed. Foreword by Detective Superintendent (ret.) Des Thomas. Full electronic copies are available for free download, and hard copies can be ordered for £3 from the IPRD website www.globalcrisis.org.uk. Free hard copies are available for journalists, please send requests to IPRD on info@globalcrisis.org.uk.

The report will be launched on Wednesday 3rd October, 6:30pm-9:00pm at Garden Court Chambers, 57-60 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, WC2A 3LS (Holborn Station). Copies will be sold at the launch for £2.

Media are welcome and should make contact to register attendance. Free copies will be available for accredited journalists.

Contact: Toufic Machnouk, toufic@globalcrisis.org.uk +44(0)7799 313 264; Estella Schmidt, estella24@tiscali.co.uk +44(0)207 586 5892


  1. A well targeted piece of work.

    I am going to draw it to the attention of my MP, Kate Hoey, and urge others to do likewise.

    I note the absence of media coverage so far.

  2. So this 7/7 report is calling for "major security reforms"?!

    This is the equivalent of German citizens calling for "major security reforms" of the Gestapo!

    British "security" institutions are TERRORIST institutions--especially MI5 and MI6.

    There is no "reforming" them. What the UK and West need is REVOLUTION.

    The 7/7 bombing was a British state terrorist act against its own "people." And it was NOT a new development. Some people have (willfully) forgetten similar acts of Western false-flag terror used throughout the Cold War, such as phony IRA bombings and the infamous Italian STATE terror campaign known as Operation Gladio.

    At base, it is apparent that the modern-day "Good Germans" of England, the USA, and Europe are no better than their ancestors in that they refuse to see the nature of their own countries and regimes to the fullest.

  3. Hi Nafeez,

    I tried to send you and email, and it got rejected twice - "Reason: Remote host said: 550 SC-002 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons."

    In any case I wanted to invite you to a very special gathering: The Phoenix Gathering.

    -Richard Moore


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