3 December 2007

Fourth Annual Brass Crescent Awards

This blog has been nominated twice for the Fourth Annual Brass Crescent Awards, "an annual awards ceremony that honors the best writers and thinkers of the emerging Muslim blogosphere". The Cutting Edge appears in two categories, "Most Deserving of Wider Recognition" and "Best Ijtihad", among several other blogs many of which I've never heard of but look extremely interesting.

Votes are currently continuing to select the final award winners until Friday 14th December 07.

If you would like to support this blog and help raise awareness of the issues I write about, please consider voting for it at www.brasscrescent.org, where you'll be able to select The Cutting Edge from the two above-mentioned categories. Also, please check out and give fair consideration to the other blogs listed there.


  1. Hi Nafeez,
    It's Aisha - I used to be a student in your class at Sussex last year (the one who said liberal democratic peace thesis is like john lennon saying 'all you need is love' and then hitting a granny over the head with her own umbrella...hmm hehe:)
    How are you? I hope everything's going well. Congratulations for the nominations! I've just voted and mentioned it to Mika so she's going to vote too. Lot's of interesting stuff, and difficult choices in the other categories, so thanks for the reccomendation - I'll be reading them again.
    Are you teaching in sussex? I was reading about the books you've written and am hoping to use one in a term paper. Have you written any journal articles recently? (especially about the grand area strategy, covert U S funding of insur* gents in Iraq, U.S. interests in natural resources in Afghanistan or clashes between Chinese and U.S. interests played out in Sudan)
    Take care, and good luck with the results! Aisha

  2. Have to say that I love your work. Have read two of your books - they are a source of inspiration.

    I met David Ray Griffin while he was the "Protest Festival" in Kristiansand and we had time to talk about several different issues among one of them your book The War On Truth. He admitted that if it had not been for your book he would never have been able to do the research for his own book.

  3. Thanks for your work and books.


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