24 May 2008

Breaking: Terrorism Laws Used to Gag Academic Freedom

This just in from The Muslim News (surprise, surprise, this story somehow isn't fit for the Free Press):

UK: Terrorism arrests provoke outrage on Nottingham campus
By Elham Asaad Buaras
London, The Muslim News OnLine:

The arrest of an academic and a student from the University of Nottingham for the possession of extremist material has provoked outrage on the campus after it was revealed the apparent offence concerned downloading information for a PhD, The Muslim News has learnt.

Politics student Rizwaan Sabir was arrested on May 14 along with a 30-year-old member of staff under the Terrorism Act 2000. Both men were eventually released on May 20, although the staff member was re-arrested on unrelated immigration issues. Students and staff alike branded the arrest an exploitation of anti-terror laws and stifling of civil liberties. Co-ordinator of Dissertation and Sabir’s personal tutor, Dr Bettina Renz, said that the material in question, an edited version of an al-Qa’ida handbook, was “easily accessible” and available on government websites. “The information he downloaded was 100% related to his studies,” Dr Renz told The Muslim News. “The information he obtained is available on websites that are widely used on reading lists in the School of Politics,” she said.

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  1. See also comments in "The proper study of mankind" - in particular about Hicham Yezza being re-arrested under immigration legislation and served with a deportation notice.

    br -d

  2. http://freehichamyezza.wordpress.com/

  3. Akum Nafeez.
    I bought your book "The London Bombings: An Independent Inquiry" but there are pages and references "removed for legal reasons."

    What is it that was removed? Could you tell the curious and concerned read where he may get the information removed?

    Thank you.

  4. Dear Nafeez.
    If you have answered elsewhere then please forgive this post, but I'd still like to ask about the removed parts of your book. It should be possible to explain what information was removed without actually revealing the exact information.

    When trying "http://www.independentinquiry.co.uk/" I get an 'account has been suspended' message saying contact billing.



  5. Asalam'olaikum Nafeez and (Forthcoming) Eid Mubarak Nafeez.
    I asked you four months ago if you could be elaborate on the information blanked out in your book.

    The blanked out sections had to do with British government involvement with what you identify as people being associated with al Qaeda.

    Also, independentinquiry.co.uk
    (you cite in the book) looks to have become a teacher training site.

    Thanks again and May Allah SWT bless you and us all.



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