9 June 2008

Iraq: Agreement to Allow US to Launch Wider Regional War

According to the Gulf News here.

And immediately denied by US officials, also here.

Makes you wonder though, doesn't it? Especially given the distance Israel is putting between itself and the ill-considered declaration from an Israeli minister that war with Iran is "inevitable."

My view?

Well, everyone knows the Hawks are eager for a war on Iran. But it's becoming more difficult to get their way.

Unfortunately, the war-mongers -- I'm not just talking about the Hawks in Washington and their imbecile lieutenants in Whitehall, I'm talking about the many servile unthinking media pundits, some of whom like to think of themselves as 'security' journalists, who've been parroting govt press releases for so long they've lost all ability to critically connect concepts together (yes, the process known as 'thinking' controlled by those obscure rules of 'logic' against the landscape of 'fact') -- the war-mongers don't really understand the potential ramifications of a war.

Neither are they capable of seeing the obvious disinformation that has been poured for the last 5 years or more into making the world believe that Iran really poses a threat to our security, disinformation which is without a shred of actual evidence, beyond the BS that passes for "intelligence."

But so what! Let's nuke the crap out of the place and trigger Armageddon. We'll all be safer then.

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