9 September 2009


I'm back!!!!

April this year I finally obtained my Doctorate.

Although I had hoped to spend more time on this blog thereafter, unfortunately it wasn't to be. I've been thrown into the deep-end on a variety of different projects.

The biggest is my forthcoming book, The Crisis of Civilization: How Climate, Oil, Food, Finance, Terror and Warfare will Change the World, to be published by Pluto Press, either late this year or, more likely, early next year.

I'm also currently working as strategy director for creative education at Arts Versa, where we're developing new educational projects related to inter-faith and cross-cultural dialogue, specifically concerning Islam and British Muslim communities.

And the IPRD website, after a complete makeover last year, and after undergoing serious technical and security difficulties for many months due to being hacked repeatedly, is now secure and operational - and is still in transition... we're currently working on a better more functional and user-friendly site, which we'll be updating very regularly, hopefully by next year.

And lots of other bits and pieces going on...

here's hoping to spend a bit more time on this blog from now on.


  1. Welcome back good sir!

    I know IPRD has a campaign for Gaza, what do you think of the upcoming Gaza march?


  2. Hope you do, for your unique and brilliant insights provide an important source of understanding to the realities which surround our lives, insights which invite reflection into a deeper part of ourselves, as well as the world outside, which can serve the cause of a more healthy and balanced world.

  3. Congratultions on obtaining your PhD.

  4. Congratulations on your PhD. And the topic you have chosen the 'Crisi of Civilisation...' is again showing that you are cutting through to the core of an issue. In this case the biggest issue that surrounds all of us, the rise of socio-economic complexity of division-of-labour nature raping civilisation and its growing fragility - the End of Civ as we know it. I hope you can do it justice as its a topic as big and complex as the five interacting horses of the apocalypse that you outline in the subtitle. Hopefully also you will point to the myriad of solutions to the problem of civilisation that so many around the world are beginning to connect together from outside of its physical and mental constraints.


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