13 January 2010

Yemen, Energy Crisis and the Crotch Bomber - first piece on Sibel Edmond's Boiling Frogs Post

I am pleased to say that I recently joined The Boiling Frog Post as a partner contributor, an outstanding investigative news and analysis online resource founded and published by Sibel Edmonds, the former FBI translator who blew the whistle on the US administration's pre-9/11 shenanigans with Islamist terrorists, narco-traffickers, criminals and corrupt states - among other issues - and who has been gagged by the US government's invocation of 'State Secrets Privilege'.

For those that don't know, Sibel's revelations have been covered widely in the press, and are absolutely essential reading to get a glimpse of the 'deep political' underbelly of criminalization that now characterizes the international system. Check out, for instance, in the UK, The Independent, The Times; in the US, Vanity Fair, American Conservative, New York Times, to name a few.

I did a radio interview with her and her co-producer Peter B. Collins last December which will be podcast at Boiling Frog Post on Friday. Will post notice of that when it happens.

In the meantime, my first piece on the Boiling Frog has gone live and you can check it out on the homepage, or go direct at this link. The piece is called "Yemen, Energy Crisis and the Nigerian Crotch Bomber". It's the first in a three-part series, with the second and third parts going up on Thursday and Friday.

Pleasant (or not) reading...

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  1. Anything Nafeez writes should be read by the whole of the world.
    He speaks the truth.


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