28 January 2013

Podcast Interview on Global Systemic Breakdown and the Coming Paradigm Shift - with Legalise Freedom

Last week I was interviewed on the radio podcast show, Legalise Freedom, run by British writer and music journalist, Greg Moffitt, who has written for the BBC, Kerrang, among other publications.

Greg and I had a one-hour conversation ranging over the interconnected dynamic of global systemic crises from climate change and energy depletion, to economic crisis and food scarcity - not to mention the interlinkages with the propensity for violent conflict, social protests, "civil unrest" and state-militarisation. We also talk about science, anti-science, and the potential for a progressive paradigm shift in our society, politics, economy and culture - as well as the ultimate inevitability of the end of the hydrocarbon age this century.

Check it out here.

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