7 June 2013

Guardian officially launches new international team of environment bloggers - and I'm one of them

Today, the Guardian officially launched its new international team of environment bloggers - including yours truly. Hooray!

Editor of the Guardian Environment online, Adam Vaughan, announced the launch with a post titled 'Meet the world's best new environment bloggers' featured on the Guardian's front page.

I'm of course really chuffed to be part of such a cracking team - made up of leading journalists reporting from the cutting edge of environmental shenanigans from every continent. And of course, somewhat flattered to be declared by the Guardian to be among the "world's best new environment bloggers." Awww shucks.

While other mainstream news outlets like the New York Times are busy slashing their environment desks, it's pretty cool that the Guardian is leading the pack, quite uniquely, in aggressively expanding their digital environmental journalism. 

So it really is important for you to support this initiative by reading and sharing our work! You can follow the Guardian's new environment blog team via this twitter list here, as well as by keeping an eye on the Guardian's new environment blog network homepage here

Thanks for all your support.

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