10 July 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Ex NASA chief climate scientist James Hansen warns fossil fuel addiction could trigger runaway global warming

My latest report in The Guardian is based on a startling new peer-reviewed scientific paper by James Hansen (et. al), widely recognised as the 'founding father' of climate science. I also interviewed him on the findings of his paper. It's a very sobering read. The upshot is that if we don't reign in our fossil fuel addiction now, then we're on course to trigger a runaway greenhouse effect that will lead to an inhabitable planet for future generations, for centuries to come.

See below.

James Hansen: Fossil fuel addiction could trigger runaway global warming

Without full decarbonisation by 2030, our global emissions pathway guarantees new era of catastrophic climate change
The world is currently on course to exploit all its remaining fossil fuel resources, a prospect that would produce a "different, practically uninhabitable planet" by triggering a "low-end runaway greenhouse effect." This is the conclusion of a new scientific paper by Prof James Hansen, the former head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the world's best known climate scientist.

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  1. Nafeez, You have done good work on drawing attention to the 'war on truth' being waged by western elites. May I however be so rude as to suggest that you may have a lot to learn about climate,indeed about science, although you are not the only one.
    There are (as far as I am aware) no across-the-board experts on climate science. Almost all scientists working in the climate field are amateurs as regards everything outside their own speciality. And there are many such specialities. Science is not like history or economics or journalism where amateurs can quickly gain expertise across a wide range.
    So I'd advise caution when reading or listening to statements by climate scientists. Remember that there are large areas about which they know no more than you or I. And in spite of what you may have read or heard, it's a controversial field! Good luck.


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