9 December 2013

Greetings earthlings

So I haven't updated this blog in a long while - apologies for that. Much of the reason is to do with having two little girls and a 7 month old baby to deal with! 

Have been working on lots of interesting stuff and have a few announcements to make in due course, but for now am dropping bye to say hi and promise I'm going to be back updating this blog more regularly. 

While I've been neglecting this website, I've been beavering away primarily at the Guardian on a range of important environment stories. From the Arctic methane time-bomb debate, to accumulating evidence that climate change is happening faster and more intensely than conventional models project; from the problems with Tory and Labour energy proposals, to the World Health Organisation's cover-up of Iraq's environmental health nightmare due to depleted uranium; from Russell Brand's notorious BBC Newsnight interview on the death of mainstream politics, to the imminence of peak oil; from corporate espionage against activists, charities and NGOs, to today's big story on the US Navy's prediction that the Arctic summer sea ice could collapse by 2016. 

If any of these sound up your street, you can check out these stories via my Guardian blog, Earth Insight.


  1. You might ant to discover how to clone yourself, as it may be easier than stretching yourself beyond limits....But thanks for keeping us posted, and enjoy your family!!!

  2. Hey, two little girls plus a 7 month old baby.... that is more than enough to justify any amount of tardiness, even without all the other projects you are working on.
    If I find a place that will sell 3 consecutive nights of 8 hour uninterrupted sleeps, at a reasonable price, I'll buy it as a Xmas present for you. As I recall they are hard to find.


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