9 August 2014


I'm thrilled to announce that I'm launching my debut science fiction thriller, ZERO POINT, in New York on 18th August 2014, at The Henley, 7-9PM, at an exclusive dialogue event hosted by Daniel Pinchbeck, founding Director of the Center for Planetary Culture

An Exclusive Discussion and Book Launch with Dr Nafeez Ahmed, Daniel Pinchbeck, Alnoor Ladhna

The coming decades may look bleak at first glance - humanity stands on the brink of a precipice consisting of multiple, overlapping crises: escalating climate change, the melting Arctic, rocketing inequality and persistent poverty, a deepening and looming global food crisis, the proliferation of extremism whether it be far right fascism or religious fundamentalism, ongoing military interventionism, and the rise of the global police state and mass surveillance in the name of fighting a seemingly endless 'war on terror'.

In this exclusive dialogue, author, journalist and philosopher Daniel Pinchbeck - director of the Center for Planetary Culture, Alnoor Ladhna - director of The Rules and Greenpeace board member, and investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed - Guardian writer, security expert, explore how the crisis of civilization offers unprecedented hope for a transition to a new, thriving form of post-carbon, post-capitalist prosperity. What can we do, as individuals and communities, to grasp the reigns of history and, collectively, change the direction of our civilization?

The event is also a launch for Ahmed's new science fiction thriller opus, ZERO POINT, set after a Fourth Iraq War in which the US and UK governments intervene repeatedly in Iraq to put down an al-Qaeda insurgency, with devastating unforeseen consequences at home and abroad. Copies of ZERO POINT will be for sale, and Nafeez will be signing them.

Watch the ZERO POINT official trailer:

About Nafeez Ahmed:

Nafeez (http://nafeezahmed.com/) is a bestselling British author , international security scholar and investigative journalist. He writes for The Guardian on the geopolitics of interconnected environmental, energy and economic crises, and has contributed to two major terrorism investigations in the US and UK. His latest book and film on The Crisis of Civilization can be found at http://crisisofcivilization.com/ Nafeez's books, journalism, and films aim to catalyse social change in the public interest by harnessing radical, systemic approaches to understanding the interconnections between the world's biggest problems, while developing holistic strategies for social transformation.

About Daniel Pinchbeck:

Daniel is an American journalist and philosopher applying vision, creativity, and systems thinking toward the shaping of an ethically and ecologically viable society. His latest book is Notes from the Edge Times (Penguin, 2010) He has written widely on contemporary crises and opportunities for transition, and has been published in The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, Rolling Stone, ArtForum, The New York Times Book Review, The Village Voice, among many others. He is founding Director of the Center for Planetary Culture (http://planetaryculture.com/), a new hybrid think tank advancing ideas and solutions to our most challenging ecological, social and political issues.

About Alnoor Ladha:

Alnoor Ladha is a co-founder of The Rules, a global collective of activists and organisers focused on addressing the root causes of inequality and poverty. He is also a board member of Greenpeace International, USA, and Partner/Head of Strategy at Purpose, an incubator for new types of social movements. Alnoor has created pro-social organizational strategies for Amnesty International, MTV Exit, Google, the United Nations Foundation, the Gates Foundation, among others. He has written for The New York Times, Fast Company, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and The Economist, among others.

Location: The Henley, 23 Cleveland Place, New York, NY 10012, United States

Date/Time: 18th August, 7-9PM

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  1. Where can I get a copy of the hardcover/paperback edition of the book?

    Amazon is selling ONLY the Kindle edtion. I am so looking forward to reading the book.


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