7 July 2015

INSURGE exclusive on risk of civilisation collapse by 2040 goes viral, global

On 19th June, INSURGEintelligence ran an exclusive story on a new scientific model supported by a UK government Task Force, which shows that on a business-as-usual trajectory, industrial civilisation as we know it is likely to collapse within three decades, due to a global food crisis triggered by climate change and energy depletion.

The story made the front-page of The Independent website, and credited Insurge Intelligence with breaking it. From there, the story was picked up by some major publications across the globe, reaching most English-speaking audiences as a result. Outlets that covered my story included The Week, USA Today, the Boston-based Global Post, News Corp's news.com.au in Australia, Discovery News, the popular climate news blog of Obama's favourite think-tank the Center for American Progress, and The Metro (London's Murdoch-owned daily newspaper).

The Independent's piece on the story did particularly well, going viral on social media. 

Altogether, the story hit mainstream audiences across the UK, US, and Australia, and was even picked up by some mainstream foreign-language publications too.

This outcome is testament, once again, to the power of independent crowdfunded journalism to break stories that the mainstream would otherwise not even know about, let alone cover. 


  1. However, most journalists lose sight of reality when they focus on political games, deceit, cover-ups, etc... those are in the past or dysfunctional present - and fail to see the very real headway that humanity is making through exponential levels of technological progress. Political transparency is infiltrating society at unprecedented levels through citizen-supported news organizations that do not answer to anyone.

    Every day, tens of thousands of new minds are entering the free and open internet. Tech giants like Gates, Brin, Page, Musk, Branson, Zuckerberg, Rothblatt, etc. are leveraging their significant resources toward philanthropic promulgation and penetration of developing nations. They are empowering, teaching the unconnected to enter the world's library of information. These newcomers have no preconceived notions on how things "should" be. They will become the new problem solvers, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and saviors of their own design. The world's ignorant will be increasingly more difficult to exploit and will demand reparations of past wrongs at the behest of greed and power. With the ability of one intelligent human to create consummate havoc within the collective consciousness of a world audience in real time- they will succeed.

    Money. Through your research, you will come to one conclusion. Most people see money as a resource. And in today's society, it very well could continue as a resource. But it is a lie.

    Money is not a resource. It is an increasingly weakening substitute for ENERGY. Labor is the manifestation of the energy and time it takes to create a desired product.

    Now look at the current energy market. Coal is finished and oil prices have plummeted here in the States. Gas prices are dropping like thermometers in space. Reserves are being sold off quickly and quietly while the hegemonies do their best to avoid an outright fire-sale and market panic. The global warming debate is giving rise to disruptive emerging energy markets in the form of photovoltaics, hydrogen, wind, tidal, fusion, and carbon sequestration. Energy in 10 years could be free and ubiquitous as humanity comes to the conclusion that energy and high-speed internet connectivity are basic human rights. Energy will be free. Since the internet is an excellent education platform, when energy becomes democratized and demonetized, money will become worthless for as a basis for human success and comfort.

    More pressing for the moment? Manufacturing companies are automating production, creating robotic solutions to replace their remaining human labor force and are on track to be nearly fully autonomous by 2025. Transportation is already ready for automation, strong artificial intelligence is being furiously researched and represents a fundamental shift in the very definition of what humanity is capable of.

    Technology and knowledge increase in tandem. They do not increase linearly, they are exponential. The processing power, speed and storage capacity of computers doubles every year to 18 months. If estimates are correct, we will have faster-than human intelligence in our living rooms by 2020. The same progress carries over into energy, communication, manufacturing, engineering, medicine, and food production. If my own faith on the predictions of my peers pans out (and it always has) we might very well be immortal by 2045. The past does not equip anyone to predict future capability - especially when all the worlds knowledge and skill is nestled comfortably within the walls of your home.

    As far as your doomsday prediction of hunger and water shortages - it will never happen unless we go backwards in current carrying capacity through conflict or disaster. I would like to see more journalists spread hope for our future. Journalists that care for their fellow humans and highlight important scientific discovery that requires public discussion and support - not suppression or fear.

    I thank you for your time

  2. Michael, you forgot the unicorns. The rainbow-farting unicorns!


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