Nafeez is an independent investigative journalist who has broken many groundbreaking stories on national and international security issues, the environment, energy, the economy, and foreign affairs. His Wikipedia profile contains a detailed selection of some of his exclusive stories published by The Guardian, The Independent, Le Monde diplomatique, among other newspapers.

Since April 2013, Nafeez has written for The Guardian on the geopolitics of interconnected environmental, energy and economic crises via his Earth Insight global column, ratcheting up over 3 million unique views in that time-frame, and triggering global headlines on issues from mass surveillance to Mideast geopolitical conflict, from the Arctic death spiral to the great civilisational transition. 

Nafeez is also an international security columnist for Al-Arabiya English, and has written, reported and commented regularly for a range of newspapers and magazines in the UK, US and Europe

Here is a sample of his articles:

Why food riots are likely to become the new normal 
The Guardian

The Great Oil Swindle: What happens when the shale boom goes boom?

Le Monde diplomatique

Israel's War for Gaza's Gas

Le Monde diplomatique

Fracking: a new dawn for misplaced optimism

Independent on Sunday

Abu Qatada: the asset we can't get rid of

Huffington Post

Sectarian Jihad in Syria: Made in the USA?

Foreign Policy In Focus

An old war in new clothes


A new age of racism?

The Independent

Geert Wilders tries to break America

New Statesman

The rise of the right: why liberals can't afford to lose

The Independent

The road to a stable Afghanistan... is through the Pakistani countryside?

Foreign Policy

Arab countries must ring in changes - and quickly
Sydney Morning Herald

Middle East faces triple whammy - and this has nothing to do with its leaders

The Scotsman

Diversity does not breed terrorists - politics does
The Independent

Avoiding catastrophe

The Independent

Pakistan's double game


Hitchens has no clothes: A response to 'Vidal Loco'

Independent on Sunday

Our terrorists

New Internationalist

Ex-British Army chief confirms peak oil motive for war

Digital Journal

Bush's macabre dance of death with bin Laden

The Independent

Engaging the enemy within

The Independent